luang prabang

We spent the first day on the boat making friends, hanging off the back porch and soaking up the scenery. Aaaand drinking. We then disembarked in another tourist-hosting town like Chiang Khong and continued to keep the good vibes rolling until the early hours. By the time we got on the boat the next day, we had both 20 new friends and piercing headaches. Slow-boat day 2 was more relaxed/wholesome and by the time we got to Luang Prabang we were just super ready to be in Laos. We tagged along with Hedda&Michelle, our Swedish counterparts, and got a hostel sorted out. Almost immediately we were in love with the place. While it's obviously in Laos, Luang Prabang is a bit of a carve-out as a World Heritage Site/former French colony so we can't say much about the country as a whole. But we loved this small part of it... a lot. We ate at incredible $1 street buffets, went to artisan markets, danced at a Laos club, bowled (like...bowling) at 2am, boated to Buddhists caves, had a real Swedish fika, swam in waterfalls and RODE ELEPHANTS. 100% Success.